Dave Ulrich on Why HR Should Be at The C-Suite Table

September 15th, 2011

In 2005,  Fast Company‘s Keith Hammond published a scathing article, Why We Hate HR. Hammond argued, “HR is the corporate function with the greatest potential — the key driver, in theory, of business performance — and also the one that most consistently underdelivers.”  Today HR still has mixed rep but Dave Ulrich, a great HR thinker, is pretty convincing on how we should rethink our view of HR. Though it may be HR themselves that need to grasp the nettle.

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Developing a Culture of Speed — HR’s Role in Increasing Organizational Speed

September 1st, 2011

CEOs are in love with speed! They are constantly ranting about the need for speed in new market entry, time-to-market, cycle-time reduction, and the resulting competitive advantage that speed can provide. Speed is so important in today’s hyper-competitive business world that if you were forced to come up with a single word that best describes the current climate, “speed” would have to appear among the top descriptors.

HR can play a role in increasing speed throughout the organization and it’s time talent managers step up and acknowledge that.

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