2011 Executive Hot Jobs Report

February 7th, 2011

CTPartners Executive Search Inc. recently released its 2011 Executive Hot Jobs Report. The 2011 report shows business reaching an inflection point on the slow, grinding road to global economic recovery: after two years of cutting costs to the bone, boards have shifted to hiring mode.

CTPartners has identified 44 jobs that will be in demand during 2011. Among them, some hot jobs in HR.


Most companies say that “Human capital is our most important asset” but few have meant it and even fewer have done more than pay lip service to the role of Human Resources executives. Finally, the cliché is giving way to genuine business imperative. Companies need the right talent at the top, need to better develop their leaders and their bench, and need HR executives to help. The best talent management executives in the business are coming into their own as partners to the CEO and board who demand strategic thinking – not just compensation, employment and benefits administrators – from the leaders of their Human Resources organizations.

Boards finally understand, for example, that succession planning is a complex, intense, always-on assessment and planning process, and that executive development is the best hedge against poor leadership and the high cost of turnover and growing global competition. In 2010 CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer) appointments to boards increased 12 percent. In 2009, only 23 CHROs were sitting members of Fortune 1000 boards; in 2010 three were named in one month alone. The problem with great talent management leaders is that, just as they begin to be recognized, many strike out on their own to write books or build lucrative consulting firms. The good news is that boards finally get it: Human Resources is a strategic function. The bad news is that there are too few emerging superstars to meet demand.

Hot Jobs in Human Resources:

1. CHRO with global experience in talent development

2. Head of Leadership + Executive Development

3. Chief Talent Officer


The full report can be viewed here.

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