Talent on the Agenda

August 15th, 2012

Recognizing the competitive advantage a secure pipeline of engaged, diverse, and ready-to-lead talent provides, many corporate boards are extending their reach deep into human resources issues—leadership development, compensation, and succession planning reaching several levels below the chief executive officer.

There’s a good reason: Talent scarcity is an obstacle that impacts virtually every large company and people issues have a direct impact on company performance. In the past, companies could hold on to their advantage with a superior supply chain, strong product lines, or highly efficient facilities. Today more than ever, however, knowledge and the people who can leverage it are core competitive differentiators. Having talent is not enough. Successful companies identify, attract, develop, and retain the right talent effectively and consistently.

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Executive Onboarding: The Key to Accelerating Success and Reducing Risk in a New Job

August 1st, 2012

Failed executives say, “They turned out to be different,” or “They didn’t give me the resources I needed,” or “They changed.” Conversely, the bosses of the failed executive say he or she, “Wasn’t what we expected,” or “Didn’t get done what we needed,” or “They changed.”

Whose fault is it really when a new executive fails? It’s everyone’s fault. If everyone paid attention to the basics of executive onboarding, there would be far fewer failures.

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