HBR: A Campaign Strategy for Your Career

November 15th, 2012

This year’s presidential campaign has subjected us to the usual barrage of negative ads, divisive wedge issues, and minor misstatements amplified beyond all recognition. There’s a reason it’s such an insult to be accused of “playing politics.” But as a corporate strategy consultant who previously served in senior or advisory roles in the presidential campaign of Howard Dean and the Massachusetts gubernatorial campaigns of former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich and current governor Deval Patrick, among others, I believe that executives can—and should—learn from electoral politics to position themselves for career success.

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The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

November 1st, 2012

Why don’t successful people and organizations automatically become very successful? One important explanation is due to what I call ‘the clarity paradox,’ which can be summed up in four predictable phases:

Phase 1: When we really have clarity of purpose, it leads to success.
Phase 2: When we have success, it leads to more options and opportunities.
Phase 3: When we have increased options and opportunities, it leads to diffused efforts.
Phase 4: Diffused efforts undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place.

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