Leveraging the Power of the Chief Talent Officer

March 30th, 2013

Today, most major corporations have a CTO or an executive who is recognized as playing that role, whatever it may be called. However, many companies have yet to fully tap the power of the CTO position. On the other hand, some CEOs have discovered that when they form a genuine strategic partnership with their CTO, great things are possible.

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Beyond Functions

March 15th, 2013

By now, the functional model has become the conceptual core of nearly all organizational structures, public and private. It is so ingrained in the daily activities of most companies that it is rarely questioned. Even when functions are seen as “shared services,” which would place them relatively low on the org chart in many companies, they are typically the most permanent parts of the enterprise. Business units come and go with the product life cycle, but finance, HR, marketing, legal, and R&D last forever. Even in matrix organizations, the functions maintain quite a bit of power, managing career tracks and a huge portion of discretionary investments.

The value of functions is undeniable; no company could do without them. But the business and organizational models that govern functions need updating. How about a model based on capabilities instead?

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4 Innovation Strategies From Big Companies That Act Like Startups

March 1st, 2013

Established companies have a reputation for being way too bureaucratic to be innovative. But taking a page from startup culture, some have figured out how to become agile and fast moving despite their size.

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