Great Expectations: How the Cultural Shift Toward Deeper Diversity Can Succeed

August 15th, 2013

In today’s broader understanding, true diversity is a diversity of perspective, and inclusion is what puts diverse perspectives to work in everything from making better decisions to tapping into diverse markets to fostering innovation. Yet despite the almost universal acceptance of the business case, even extremely well-intentioned companies often run into great difficulty when it comes to walking the talk.

What obstacles stand in the way of progress, and what proven principles and practices can help make genuine diversity and inclusion not just a professed value but an operational reality?

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The Three Roles of the NEW CHRO: Balancing, Designing, Leading

August 1st, 2013

Complex and fast-paced changes have fundamentally altered the face of business during the past decade. Simultaneous shifts in the environmental, regulatory, sustainability, social and geopolitical dimensions have transformed management and placed exceptional demands on leaders.

If, as a consequence, human and leadership capital are an unprecedented source of competitive advantage for organizations, what could be the implications for the CHRO?

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