Why Executive Coaching Is Worth $500 an Hour

March 15th, 2014

Plenty of studies have established, to one degree or another, that coaching makes people measurably more effective at their jobs, yielding a quantifiable, positive return on investment for most investments in coaching.  But there is a great deal of variability between studies in terms of how effective coaching can be.  Is this because some coaches are better than others? Because some employees are more amenable to coaching or to different styles of coaching, than others?

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How Adobe Got Rid of Traditional Performance Reviews

March 1st, 2014

Scaling is a problem of both more and less. The best organizations construe it as more than a process of expanding their reach to more people and places. They treat scaling as “a subtraction game”, a never-ending hunt for unnecessary sources of friction and frustration.

One of our favorite examples of such subtraction was implemented by Adobe’s senior leaders in 2012 – a change that affected all 11,000 employees. Adobe killed one of the most sacred of corporate cows: traditional yearly performance reviews.

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