The smarter CHRO: Key trends and recommendations to help leaders of HR become more strategic

February 16th, 2015

The Human Resources function is evolving rapidly.

Whether we call it strategic, integrated or optimized, there is a growing recognition that this contribution of HR to organizational success is becoming more significant.

Through our research and discussion with many heads of HR, we have identified three key trends that impact HR leaders, and a series of recommendations to help ensure that Chief Human
Resources Officers (CHROs) help their teams become more strategic advisors to their organizations.

Click here for the entire article by Benoit Hardy-Vallée on IBM’s website.


Fostering women leaders: A fitness test for your top team

February 2nd, 2015

The challenges are well known.

Women in business continue to face a formidable gender gap for senior-leadership positions.

Moreover, there are fewer and fewer women at each step along the path to the C-suite, although they represent a majority of entry-level employees at Fortune 500 companies and outnumber men in college-graduation rates.

Click here for the entire article by Lareina Yee in McKinsey Quarterly.


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