Gen Z and Millennials Collide at Work

September 15th, 2016

“Randstad and Future Workplace have studied Millennials (aka Generation Y) and Gen Z since 2014 when the two companies embarked on a groundbreaking survey that benchmarked the unique traits and workplace values of the next generations of talent. Now, in its second research initiative, Randstad and Future Workplace have uncovered remarkably new understandings of the two generations as they collide in the workplace for the first time.”

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Gaps in Both Will and Skill Explain HR’s Struggles with Analytics

September 1st, 2016

“By now, the criticality of analytics for HR is widely recognized – as a key enabler for speaking the language of business and for gaining strategic influence. Few are still arguing against it as a top-ranked HR imperative. Yet as we discussed in an earlier article, progress is glacially slow, even among the largest corporations pouring massive investments into people analytics. This is perhaps not surprising, since HR is trying to remake itself in an entirely new image, in an environment where supply of new analytical talent—and budget to hire them—are extremely limited. This context and sense of urgency puts a premium on moving past the stage of knowing analytics is a vital HR capability, to the actionable phase of doing something about it.”

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