Resilience on the Job: Why It Is Important

September 14th, 2017

Today’s volatile, complex, and ambiguous business environment places extraordinary stress on employees. A United Kingdom study by MetLife found that 48% of employees believe that work is becoming more stressful (with 42% saying that it is the same, and only 10% saying it’s less stressful).

Andrea Ovans wrote in her Harvard Business Review article, “What Resilience Means, and Why It Matters,” that the greatest source of workplace stress is dealing with colleagues and office politics. Clearly, resilience is important for high-performing leaders to advance and thrive.

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3 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Taking Talent Acquisition to the Next Level

September 5th, 2017

Jargon-y job descriptions. Pages-long applications. Waiting and waiting to hear back. Not knowing if a real person is even looking at your application.

Let’s face it: Applying for a job can sometimes feel like a thankless process.

“The fundamental building blocks of the job search haven’t changed since the 1970s,” says Sjoerd Gehring, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Johnson & Johnson. “The resumes, the lack of transparency, the way your application goes into a black box—the whole world has moved on, but this process hasn’t.”

But Johnson & Johnson is working to change that.

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