Our History

Since The Executive Source was founded in 1990 by Richard C. Plazza and Sarah J. Marks, our focus has been Human Resources. Over the years, we have continually endeavored to refine our understanding of the HR space and expand and strengthen our HR network.

As we enter into our third decade of executive search, we have recommitted to our pursuit of bringing world-class clients and outstanding HR talent together.

Before becoming Principal of The Executive Source, Sarah J. Marks built a distinguished career in recruiting, marketing and executive management. She was an Executive Vice President at SunAmerica in New York, where she established and directed a diversified marketing department serving a national broker dealer sales force. Previously, as Director of Business Development, she created and implemented a recruiting strategy that doubled the size of the firm’s sales force. Sarah has also held senior staffing positions with UBS, Citi and Merrill Lynch. In each of these organizations, her ability to think strategically and implement dynamically led to quantifiable improvements in the number and quality of new hires. In addition to her recruiting expertise, she has broad, hands-on experience in training, marketing and corporate strategy development.

Sarah holds a BA from Connecticut College and an MA from New York University.