Trends to Watch

April 4th, 2011

During 2010, CTPartners’ Regional Trend Talk series highlighted some of the year’s significant regional and industry sector trends. In 2011, many of those on-going themes—as well as new business developments—will shape the business environment of the year ahead, as well as the executive talent demands. A thumbnail sketch of some trends to watch includes:

  • Multinational banks are continuing, and even accelerating, their expansion push into Asia.
  • Professional services firms will continue to find strong demand as they assist companies around the globe, in all industry groups, in seeking continuous business performance improvement.
  • Delivering affordable and appropriate healthcare to people around the globe will be a continuing challenge for the leaders of healthcare businesses.
  • Global financial services firms are planning to expand wealth management services on nearly all continents.
  • While many multinationals are interested in exploring the business opportunities present in Asia, Asian companies are looking outward to expand across the world.
  • The digital revolution continues to place a premium on executive talent that can develop and implement profitable strategies to create, market, and distribute product for handheld and other devices.
  • The global industrial sector found some renewed strength during 2010 that should continue in 2011.
  • Marketing strategy and business development professionals will be keenly sought by companies from Latin America to Europe, and in industries from telecom to pharmaceuticals.
  • Talent management and succession planning will continue to gain increasing attention in the C-Suite and boardroom, especially in North America and Europe.
  • As companies seek to fully embrace the economic rebound, relationship management becomes an ever-more important business priority.
  • Asian consumers will continue to be a driving force worldwide, with their newfound buying power creating demand for everything from autos to refrigerators.
  • Infrastructure, engineering, and environmental services providers will continue to see strong demand, particularly in North America and Europe, as governments spend stimulus dollars on environmentally conscious infrastructure projects.

As these and other business trends shape the global economic climate of 2011, successful corporations will focus their hiring on executives and board directors who can make a material impact upon the direction and future of the company. Throughout the year, CTPartners’ Trend Talk Series will continue to explore the key ways that global economic and marketplace developments will impact global talent demand, supply, and management strategies.

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